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Brand Positioning and Identity

A brand creation - Alteredform

The Situation

With over 25 years of experience in the building industry, touching on building & renovations, furniture & joinery, building inspections and even a little scale model building, Jason decided he wanted to be able to be part of many types of projects, so decided the best way was to start his own business.

The Solution

With so many talents and areas of interest and a significant competitor group, we needed to define and refine precisely what Jason wanted to offer and how he differed from everyone else. Focusing on custom work in older-style homes whilst bringing his friendlier personality to his clients helped set his business apart from many 'to the point' tradesmen. A few workshops later and many questions and discussions, we created a robust set of values and brand personality traits, three core pillars and a purpose statement to ensure he had an accurate picture of his brand, why it was there and its purpose. After signing off on the positioning of his brand, we then embarked on an identity journey that we worked on until the 11th hour. We communicated his name and work into subtle yet artistic symbol and wordmark. Without a name, brand or identity, we helped him create and define his craft into, AlteredForm.